Introduction to Astro-Landscape Photography with Jürgen Lobert


This is an intermediate to advanced level topic, an introduction to Astro-landscape photography, a specialized topic of photography that combines one or more celestial objects with some foreground landscape. Basic knowledge of night photography is helpful. Jürgen will briefly review some of the basic paradigms, but will be focusing (!) on photographing the night sky, particularly stars.

Content will include definitions, equipment and techniques with special attention to exposure settings, white balance where to shoot, adding light and focusing on stars. The types of astro-landscape photography we will review are: star trails (nature and urban), star points & Milky Way, clouds, moon, meteors and aurora. The presentation will wrap up with some tips on image processing: how to stack photos for star trails and how to edit Milky Way, star point and Aurora images. Some resources for further study will be shown as well.


A photographer and scientist for more than 30 years, Jürgen is an executive member of the Boston Camera Club and co-organizer of Greater Boston Night Photographers Meet-Up. He has created over 40 night photo events.

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