“The National”

“The National” Accepted Work

Below is a list off all accepted work. Because of a major security update with emails, we’ve been having difficulties getting all of the notifications out. We are still in the process of sending out notifications for The National. They will be going out to everyone regardless if their work has been accepted or not. You will be receiving an email by tomorrow evening at the latest.


Last Name First Name Image Name/Notes
Bailey Lisa 7 of 9 Lives
Ball Hiram Ray of Hope
Ball Hiram Preparez’ la Toilette (clear)
Banks Lissa Yearn
Bechtel Brenda L Blue Skies Smiling at Me
Belcher Valerie Beauty and the Debris
Blake Marilyn Silent Walk
Bollinger Thomas Octopus in its own Ink
Braman Barbara Flight Practice
Breines Winifred Oranges, White Colander, Blue and White Bowl
Cadrain Diane Eastham Low Tide
Castellana Lois Three Boats
Castro Jose Hidden Messages #77
Colantonio Rita Elusive Dreams
Colantonio Rita Negotiating the Price of an Apple
Conn Kendra “Resolute”
Dangremond Darcy Passing Clouds
Dangremond Darcy Riding the Carousel
Das Raj Untitled #1
Dobbins Daniel Pemaquid Ascent
Earle Jonathan The Millennial
Eccles Jane Origins #3
Ehrlich Marian Crazy Vasey
Emerson Linda Summer Seacape
Enos Robert American Made
Ferguson Kelly Tidings
Freedman Elinor Cold Storage Blues
Gardner Judith Abandoned in Late Afternoon Light
Gotha William Ebb Current
Grant Neil Big Money
Gray Douglass The Two of Them
Green Edith BUOYS 5
Haletky Becky trolley Song
Haletky Becky One for Sorrow
Hitchen Paul The Last Passage
Kaphammer David Rudder
KELLEY David Blue Rhapsody
Kusmin Andrew Sealtest
Kusmin Andrew Command Central
Levitt Barney Almost Forgot The Watermelon
Levitt Barney Self Portrait In A Silver Ball
Lockhart Joan Late Light
Lockhart Joan Rooftops
Lori C. J. Sic Transit Birch
McMichael Elaine Streams
McRee Giorgetta Old Roses
Mee Doris Rocky Coast
Mee Doris Caught In the Web
Mehta Lori Witness
Mehta Lori Lavender Lenses
Mesrop Robert Sundown at Arlington
Moquin Mary Return of the Sun
Murray Paul Cool, Connected, And Patriotic
Murray Paul No Vacancy
Naughton Maureen Misty Morning
Northup Kenneth Grand Tetons Study
Occhino Kristina Amaryllis in Winter’s Light
Panico Barbara Brookside Symphony
paradise jane Dinner, Ray Wells
Pesce Lori Stuttgart, Germany Library
Philips Clare True Colors
Redburn Lisa Water Tapestry Triptych: Armonioso
Richard Peggy Bright Rock II
Rose Donna Deguello
Rudy Lisa Jo The Mermaid
Saperia Gordon In Their Elements
Saperia Gordon Atlantic Beacon
Schulte Lynne Buoys and Ropes
Schwartz Janet Salty Dogs
Schwartz Tony Winter Meal
Scolnick Sara Dwight Street after the Storm 2016
Scolnick Sara Mendon Street, J.P.
Sellers Lois Vinales, first light
SetteDucati Stephen Truro Cape Cod SeaGrass
Starkova Anna Crescendo
Starr Sherri Beach Colony
Tranfaglia Richard Bent Notes
Varnum James C Global Warming
Varnum James C Storm
Walczak James Spring Bloom
Weisiger Christine Midwest Memories
Wilson Laurel Please, NO Fracking!
Wilson Laurel Follow Me
Wolff Linda Stepping Stones Blue Hill
Wyckoff Karol Farmer’s Pride
Wyckoff Karol My Comfort Zone
Zibit Melanie Hiku