The Digital Printing Workflow and Paper Choices by A. Cemal Ekin

Session 4:  3:00 to 3:45pm

A. Cemal Ekin, presents:

The Digital Printing Workflow and Importance of Paper Choices

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Creating work using digital printing is both a challenge and a great reward for photographers. Printed photographs are not limited to the museum or gallery walls, they can be proudly presented on the walls of your home or those of art lovers.

Printing workflow has potential pitfalls that can be avoided with reasonable ease once they are understood. The paper selection is one such variable. This presentation will cover the overall printing workflow and particularly focus on paper choices.

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A. Cemal Ekin Biography

Retired from Providence College in 2012 as Professor Emeritus, I benefited from teaching for over 40 years. It affected my photography, and how I share what I know with others. That, in turn has helped me to learn more about photography, my photography, the art of photography.

I practice photography as an interested, curious observer, and am a fully self-taught photographer through practice, experimentation, failures, reading and looking at photographs. I write about photography to sharpen my understanding of it.

I have been involved in photography over 60 years, but digital photography presented a fertile ground for me since early 1990s. I have learned the tools of this new world, Photoshop, and later, Lightroom, to be totally comfortable in them.

I enjoy sharing what I know in presentations, workshops, private mentoring and tutorials. My photographs present my vision and I keep an open mind about making all necessary adjustments to my photographs to convey my vision.

Despite that, I strive to produce work that is free from processing artifacts and look “effortlessly done.”

I have had ten solo exhibits in three cities; issued limited and open edition folios; published photo books and magazines featuring my work. My photographs are in the public and private collections in the USA and abroad.

The prestigious magazine, LensWork published more than 70 photographs from my Infrared Earthscapes series in November 2011. I am included in the first edition of International Masters of Photography published in December 2012.

Festival Ballet Providence commissioned an original ballet inspired by and featuring a collection of my photographs of dried orchids. The ballet, Orchis, was performed in March 2013, and then in March 2014 in Providence.

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