Tackling the 1st step in Lightroom-Importing with Jim Pennypacker

Session 4: 3:00pm – 3:45pm

Tackling the First Step in Lightroom: Importing

This session is aimed specifically at people who want to use Lightroom but are hesitant to start either because they do not know how or because they have heard how difficult Lightroom is to learn.  To use Lightroom, your images have to be imported into Lightroom, i.e. you have to tell Lightroom where you want your pictures to be stored.  In this session, Jim will show in detail every individual step in the Import process.  Jim assumes that participants collectively are working on a mix of Apple computers and PCs, that every participant probably has some images already stored in their computer, and that no two participants will have their images stored in exactly the same place or under the same file structure.  Regardless of this, Jim will show an Importing workflow that at the end will result in all participants being on essentially “the same page”.  Jim will also show the correct way to manage the files and folders containing images that have been imported.  At the conclusion of this session, every participant should have the very specific knowledge required to start using Lightroom without apprehension.

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Jim Pennypacker


Jim has been taking and creating pictures for over 40 years.  Back in “the good old days” of film photography he had his own darkroom where he developed and printed his own work.  Fast forwarding to the current time, Jim was an early convert to digital photography and to some of the many photo editing computer programs that are available. 

He is a juried member of the Cape Cod Art Association (where he has served as President and is also an instructor) and of the Plymouth Art Guild in Plymouth, MA.  He has shown his work in juried national art shows as well as in local shows, and is the recipient of numerous awards from these shows.  His work hangs in private and commercial collections throughout the United States.

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