Intro to Lightroom (Classic CC)
w/ Betty Wiley


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Intro to Lightroom (Classic CC)
Instructor: Betty Wiley
Day: Thursdays (6 classes) Beginning January 11
Time: 6:00pm-8:00pm

Price: Members $135/Non-Members $150

This is a 6 week introductory course on using Lightroom Classic CC. Over the 6 week period, students will learn how to import and organize images in Lightroom Classic CC as well as how to develop images and use the other features in this popular editing program.   This course is ideal for beginners through intermediate users or those who want a refresher on how to use the software.

Because we all learn by doing, students are encouraged to bring laptops to class (note that students will need to be familiar with how to use a computer and be able to navigate to folders on their hard drive).   Students will need to have a fairly recent version of Lightroom (preferably Lightroom CLassic CC, although any version after 5.0 is ok) installed and running on their computers. This class will be hands-on and will be focused on the features in Lightroom Clssic CC; however most of the course material will also be applicable to Lightroom Version 5 and 6.

During this course, the student will also learn tips and tricks for keeping their Lightroom catalogs organized so images can be found quickly and easily as well as how to optimize images to their fullest potential.

Overview of class schedule and summary of the topics that will be covered each week:

Week 1: Lightroom Classic CC overview and introduction to the library module.

Week 2: Library module: importing images into Lightroom Classic CC, adding images to the Lightroom catalog, file structure and organization, selecting images for editing, and keywording.

Week 3: Develop module: developing images using the features available in Lightroom Classic CC as well as using presets and collections

Week 4: Map and Book modules

Week 5: Slideshow and print modules

Week 6: Putting it all together…course review of Lightroom Classic CC from start to finish and course wrap-up.



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