Cape Cod Art Marketing Services




CCAA Art Marketing Services

Consultant: Bobby Baker

List of Services & Prices:

  1. One-Time Setup Fee $399
  2. Annual Foliolink Website Fee $175
  3. Monthly Constant Contact Fee $20
  4. Monthly Management Fee $75
  5. Marketing Consultant Fee $75
  6. Build FolioLink Artist Website $499
  7. Creation/Publish Monthly Newlsetter $50/mo
  8. Setup/Maintain Twitter & FB $50/mo
  9. Artist Info/Bio Package $349
  10. Design Business cards $99
  11. Design Logo $49.99
  12. Create Ipad Port $99
  13. Design Tri-fold Brochure $299
  14. Presentation Promo Packet $449

Marketing Services (PDF)

The business of art is not an easy one and doing it right takes time out of your painting or photography schedule. Bobby Baker has many years of experience in the art world, in business and especially in marketing. He can help you get your name out, promote your artwork, and create the professional image you want known to the public eye.


Art Marketing Services:
You choose what you need! Select as many items as makes sense for your art promotion plans. Pay a set price for each menu item. Remember though that the most effective marketing program will be to utilize every avenue available to promote your art to potential art buyers.
**NOTE: We will work with you to suggest market correct pricing. Ultimately though, you will set your prices. Building awareness of an artist’s work and accomplishments within the art buying community do play a large role in setting prices for your work. This makes marketing even more important.

**NOTE: The capture and accounting of appropriate sales tax from the sale of artist’s work/product is the sole
responsibility of artist / business owners.


Triple Play Marketing Package-

  • One Time Setup Fee ($399) for Website,  Email Newsletter, Facebook & Twitter
  • Annual FolioLink Website Fee (*$175 1st Year $244 each subsequent year includes domain registration. This is a special 50% CCAA discount rate!)
  • Monthly Constant Contact Fee $20
  • Monthly Management Fee $75

A La Carte Menu-

  •  Marketing Consultation $75/Hour
  • We build you a FolioLink Artist Website* $499.00 *Client must have FolioLink account; provides images and artist information to be loaded into site
  • We create & publish monthly email newsletter in Constant Contact** $50/month ** Client must have Constant Contact account
  • We set up and maintain Twitter & Facebook social media pages*** $50/month *** Client provides information, images, etc
  • Design Fee Production/Duplication Fee
  • Artist Information/Bio Package $349.00 Files will be created as PDF and Word. Paper copies = additional cost. This package includes:
    • Artist Resume
    • Artist One Sheet
    • Artist Statement
  • Business Cards design $99.00/ Printing of business cards $69 for 250 cards
  • Design Logo $49.99
  • Create iPad Portfolio in FolioBook app $99.00
  • Design Promotional Tri‐Fold Brochure $299.00/ $284* 250 copies full color

Modern Postcard duplication services-

  • Presentation Promo Packet (10 packets) includes: $449.00
    • Resume
      Artist Statement
      Work examples (photo)
      Business Card
      *artist to provide leads for creation of
      All Files burned to CD for your future use
      Printed on elegant 100% cotton paper; inserted in professional black folders

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Frequently Asked Questions
WHO or what is Cape Cod Art Marketing?
Cape Cod Art Marketing was created by Copley Artist/CCAA Master artist Bobby Baker to provide CCAA artists a brand building series of workshops, consultations, and marketing management programs custom crafted for artists by artists!
Our background is that of extensive real world marketing experience of retail, manufacturing and artist brands with years of practice in designing promotional materials, website content, catalogs, flyers, one‐sheets, brochures, and even restaurant menus! We have managed marketing campaigns for small accounts to large multi‐million‐dollar retail organizations to global manufactures to individual artists, creating and implementing successful marketing plans. In addition, we have written numerous published articles, How‐To‐lessons, resumes/bio’s, and promotional copy, and we will utilize these proven skills in crafting your written promotional materials.
WHY Market YOU and your work?
You are a talented artist producing quality work. Your friends and family know of your work and find it amazing – however, for the most part they are not among the art buyers that may want to purchase your work. All those family and friend’s compliments make you feel good, but it does little to result in the sale of your art work. You need to grow your audience.
The definition of marketing* is: The management process through which goods and services move from concept to thecustomer. It includes the coordination of four elements called the 4 P’s of marketing:
(1) Identification, selection and development of a product, (You have done this with your art!)
(2) Determination of its price, (We will work with you to determine market correct pricing!)
(3) Selection of a distribution channel to reach the customer’s place, and (Exhibits, online, etc.)
(4) Development and implementation of a promotional strategy. (We create this for you and/or help you to do so!)
The “4‐P’s” is what we target for YOU and your art!
WHY Use a FolioLink Website?
Websites can cost anywhere from $2000‐$3000 to well over $10,000 to have designed and implemented. We are not about designing and writing a website from scratch, but instead will use customizable templates that will provide upscale professionalism at a fraction of the time and cost. If you’re an artist like us that wants to focus your time on creating art not sitting at a computer bogged down in design and writing code creating a website, you’ll appreciate this option. FolioLink was created specifically for artists and photography‐artists. Recognized artists such as west coast beauty and fashion photographer Joel Grimes, and London based yacht and lifestyle photographer Kristina Strobel use FolioLink for their art websites; painters such as Anna Membrino and Ecuadorian Jovan Karlo Villalba, as well as sculptor Joel Urruty present their impressive art in FolioLink designed website – the notable list of artists using this format goes on and on!
At Bobby Baker Fine Art Photography, we have used the FolioLink website platform for 10 years. During that time, we consistently presented a professional, fresh, eye‐catching presence that not only has attracted much attention, but has driven sales! One of photography’s most widely read publications Shutterbug Magazine, reviewed the Bobby Baker Fine Art Photography website and in a shining review wrote: “New England photographer Bobby Baker’s website is powered by FolioLink, an online portfolio system that he uses as a powerful showcase for his beautifully crafted and elegant photographs.” FolioLink provides an online environment that can be as easy to manage as you want, or as involved and creative as you desire! And, Foliolink’s customer service is excellent providing timely solutions via email correspondence, or immediate help via phone. We have reached out to their techs on numerous occasions over the years, always with superior results. Bobby Baker Fine Art Photography won’t present anything but the best. You’ll love your CCAM designed/FolioLink based website!
 SPECIAL NOTE: FolioLink has expressed a desire to help us with the CCAA Artist Marketing Program. They have
generously offered a very special rate for all CCAA Artists who participate in the Marketing Program.
BELOW is a chart that shows the normal rate for FolioLink Plans and the “Special CCAA Artist Rates:”
These are SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNTS!!! We invite all CCAA artists interested in having an impressive website, designed with art in mind, to visit the FolioLink website at Press the TOUR tab to see examples of what an amazing presentation of your art you can provide to your online audience!

WHY Use Constant Contact for Email Marketing?
For the past 6 consecutive years, Bobby Baker Photography has been recognized by Constant Contact with their All‐Star Award for excellence in email marketing and in 2016 Bobby Baker was named an All‐Star VIP and Subject Matter Expert at Constant Contact based on consistently doing an excellent job engaging with their subscribers. We know how to use this format to maximize the connection with our followers and we prove it year in and year out – it works; it’s that simple!

WHAT is a “One‐Sheet”?
For our purposes, a one‐sheet is a single document – usually 8.5” x 11” ‐ that summarizes an artist and product for publicity and sales. A one‐sheet will often contain a variety of information about its subject. Often comprising of both images and text, one‐sheets typically serve to introduce the unfamiliar reader to a particular artist and their work. The name of the artist will appear prominently. Some common elements found on a one‐sheet can include:
 Your Logo
 Biographical information
 Photograph of the artist
 Names or images of the stronger, more representative art pieces
 Contact information for the artist
Foliolink Professional Artist Websites
Fee Structure
Annual 1st Year Subsequent Yrs
$349 $175 $244
50% discount 30% discount
Domain Name $30 annual $0 $0
Annual 1st Year
Subsequent Yrs $120 $167
50% discount 30% discount
Domain Name $30 annual $0 $0

Out of all the Social Media sites, WHY use Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn?
“If you’re serious about getting your work in front of an audience and reaping the rewards your work
deserves…networking is essential to your success.” Mark McGuinness,
Google for the “best social media sites for creative people and/or artists” and Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will be on nearly every list as the social media sites to use. Here are some comments from creative/artists’ social blogs that consult on social media for artists:
“How can it help you as an artist? Here’s how it works: First, sign up for an account. Then search for people to
“follow.” These can be friends, celebrities, politicians, music producers and any other artsy types you can think of.
You will soon be getting “tweets” of 140 characters or less from the people you follow. In addition, people will soon
also be following you, affording you the opportunity to send messages, thoughts, musings and updates out into
Twitterland. Over time, you will be amazed at the web of contacts you develop and the opportunities that may flow
to you.”
“It’s not exactly edgy however, you can’t deny that, with its 1 billion users, putting updates on Facebook has the
potential to get wide readerships. Use Facebook to update your “friends” and the wider public about upcoming
events and any accomplishments or awards you earn. You might just find that opportunities in the form of job offers
or friend requests from important people may follow.”
Think of LinkedIn as Facebook in a suit and tie. It is a place designed to encourage quality business contacts that can
serve you well for years to come. This is especially true because of LinkedIn’s corporate slant. Imagine how much
mileage you can get out of displaying your art at company trade shows, grand openings and other promotional
events. Fun and superficial it may not be, but LinkedIn is definitely worth a try.”
“Recent studies show that the average LinkedIn member has annual income of $83,000 and has twice the buying
power of the average US consumer. A very large number of LinkedIn users earn over $150,000 per year. LinkedIn is
jam packed with educated and professional individuals with significant disposable income and a penchant for the
finer things in life; These users are purveyors of the arts…”  Lateral Standard
Twitter Twitter Pinterest Instagram
Facebook Facebook Instagram Facebook
Behance Google+ Facebook Twitter
Pinterest Behance Tumblr Pinterest
LinkedIn Pinterest LinkedIn Tumblr
DeviantART LinkedIn Google+
Dribble LikeMind
*Most Popular Social *The Top Social Networks *Best Social Networks for *When You Should Be Posting
Networks for Artists for Creative People Artists to Sell Their Work Your Photography to Social Media

“Social media has presented the artist, the ultimate example of a small business owner, with unprecedented access to
qualified collectors, purveyors, and supporters of the arts. Embrace these networks and you may soon translate your
talent in the studio or workshop into a way to earn a very successful living.”
HOW Do I Know Any of This Marketing is Working / How Do I Measure My ROI? (ROI = Return on Investment)
A Very Good Question!
o Through FolioLink we will have your website coded for Google Analytics.
Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that tracks and reports website traffic.
This will show you not only how many people visited your website, but how long they
visited, how many pages they visited, and even where they are located in the world. This is
just the beginning of a wealth of information provided here including:
‐ Demographics (vital in shaping campaigns to target specific groups)
o Overview
o Age
o Gender
‐ Behavior
o New Visitors versus Return Visitors
o Frequency and Recency
o Engagement – how long did they stay
‐ Acquisition
o How they came to your site (very important when paying for ads to see
what is working and what is not in driving traffic to your website.)
 Referral, Direct, Organic search, Social Media
…and so much more!
o The Constant Contact service provides all the data you need to see how effective your email
marketing campaign is.
 You will see measurements for:
 Opens – How many of the people you sent your email to opened it
 Clicks – How many people clicked on active links in your email
 Forwards – How many people forwarded your email to another person
 Bounces – How many of your sent emails “bounced” or were not received, and why
 Unsubscribes – The number of people who no longer wish to receive your emails
 Desk Top or Mobile – The percentage of emails opened on either mobile devices or
desktop computers.
 Facebook provides an “Insights” tab right in the application. Within this you can not only
see how your business page is doing regarding LIKES, but also measure the effectiveness of
any ad that you may run on Facebook. Among the data you will find is:
 LIKES – People pressing the LIKE button to follow your page
 Reach – How many people your posts reach; reactions, comments and shares of
your posts; Hides, Reports as Spam and Unlikes.
 Page Views
 Actions on Page
 Posts
 Messages
 …and more!
o Twitter Analytics
 Built right on the application itself. You will be provided with important data
measurements for set periods of time, such as:
 Tweets
 Tweet Impressions
 Profile Visits
 Mentions
 Followers
 Top Tweet
 Top Mention
 Top Follower
 Top Media Tweet
The measurements to see how effective your marketing is, to see what works, and what doesn’t are all there for you to look at whenever you want to see this information. By using the provided data your marketing can be tailored to target specific groups of people, specific interests, specific geographic regions, etc.


Additional information

Choose one option:

One-Time Setup, Annual FolioLink Website Fee, Monthly Constant Contact Fee, Monthly Management Fee, Marketing Consultant Fee, Build FolioLink Artist Website, Monthly Newsletter, Setup/Maintain Twitter & FB, Artist Info/Bio Package, Design Business Cards, Design Logo, Create iPad Port, Design Tri-Fold Brochure, Presentation Promo Packet