Paper-Photo Lithography-Mellissa Morris

 Learn how to transfer photo images onto paper/canvas/ boards without a press and no use of harsh chemicals.

Materials will be provided and you will go home with your creation.

Bio: Melissa has a working studio on Route 6A in Barnstable at the Old School House Art Studios,which is where she practices painting and hones her craft. She uses the painting process as an intimate language to process the world around her. She is inspired by nature, time, life, and death. She often explores ideas that question, confirm, and/or expand our psychological, emotional, and spiritual understanding of our human selves and the world we live in.
Masters in Fine Art, Painting, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Bachelors in Fine Art 2D Studies, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Associates in Liberal Arts, Cape Cod Community College



Teaching Experience
Cape Cod Arts Association, Art Teacher
Abstract Painting
Drawing from Life
Mixed Media Painting and Drawing

Adjunct Professor, Bunker Hill Community College, Painting

Adjunct Professor, Cape Cod Community College, Visual Art