Painting Animals and Other Figures with Palette Knife and Brush-Andrea Petitto



Andrea will demonstrate how she begins and develops a painting using brushes and palette knives at various stages of the work, and the use of knife strokes to create texture, to blend colors on the canvas, and to express line and mass. Using a palette knife to paint introduces a whole range of textures and strokes that contributes to a masterful sense of paint handling. It also makes possible an enhanced crispness of color and line for bolder and more compelling images. In any given painting, an artist can use both brushes and palette knives for different effects and different stages of the painting process.

She grew up in rural Massachusetts. Her mother was a painter and her father was a sculptor. As a child, although she made many drawings and sculptures, she was also fascinated by science and science was the road she pursued for the early part of my life. She had a career as a university professor and researcher in the area of education and cognitive development. But the academic life did not suit her and she retired early from that career and began taking classes in painting while making a living working as a consultant for industry. Gradually, painting took over more and more of her time. By the time she moved from upstate NY to Cape Cod in 2008 she  had become a full time painter. She joined four other artists in Chatham to open the Nickerson Art Gallery and showed her work there until it closed in 2016. She then joined the Addison Art Gallery where she currently shows her work.