Daytime Long Exposure Photography with Jürgen Lobert

Session2: 11:00 – 11:45am      Session 4: 3:00pm – 3:45pm

This is an introduction to daytime long exposure (DLE) photography by New England-based fine art photographer Jürgen Lobert. DLE photography records 1-15 minutes of time in a 2-dimensional photograph by using neutral density filters. This creates unique and intriguing images of the world that we usually freeze in momentary exposures. Letting time pass during exposure converts clouds into bands across the sky, smooths waters to a mirror finish and can make people and moving objects disappear. The resulting imagery is ethereal and strangely beautiful. Jurgen will cover equipment, settings, theory of light density and demonstrate concepts with many of his photos.

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Biographic Sketch – Jürgen M Lobert

Jürgen Lobert is a Massachusetts-based fine art photographer born and raised in Germany. He received a Ph.D. in atmospheric chemistry from Gutenberg University in Mainz before moving to the US in 1991. Jürgen is a self-taught photographer who specializes in night photography and daytime long exposures as well as Urban Exploration.

According to Jürgen, there is a profound peace in roaming the nights in remote places, capturing otherworldly, hauntingly beautiful and serene scenery and the element of time. Jürgen is an executive member of the Boston Camera Club and the founder and organizer of the Greater Boston Night Photographers Meetup group. He organizes some 50 photo excursions and workshops each year and he is a lecturer, instructor and judge for regional camera clubs.

Jürgen can be found online at:

@jmlobert on instagram