David Wells: “Tools of Travel Photography” & “Mastering Found Light”

Session 1: 9:45am – 10:30am The tools of travel photography to make your travel photos work

Making exceptional travel photographs requires skills in many different types of photography, from street photography to still-life work to portraits. In a typical day of travel, a photographer may shoot busy festivals, quiet buildings, open landscapes, or close-up nature. The best travel photographers are versatile in their skills and fluid in their process, using minimal gear to achieve a maximum of results. This presentation explores the following topics:

•The traveling photographer’s camera and bag

•Being in the right place at the right time

• Varying the time of day and understanding light

•Portraying people

• Composition

•Stopping action vs. showing motion

•Framing and scaling; tripods

•Using the appropriate lens

The best travel photos are symbolic images that convey the mood of a place as they “bring” the viewer to the place. The best ones are made not from the viewpoint of an observer but rather from the viewpoint of someone who is actively engaged in the event. Good travel photographs make seemingly boring things interesting, even unique and magical. You also need to be comfortable taking pictures in unusual places, which requires you to carry yourself confidence as well as to treat your subjects with respect. For many people, travel photography combines two of their favorite passions, travel and photography.

Session 3: 1:45pm – 2:30pm Mastering found light: Light shadow night and twilight

David H. Wells will share his tools for mastering found light, experience that comes from decades of practice and decades of looking at light analytically. This seminar is more than a refresher in the basics, it offers a whole new way to look at and master found light. Wells has repeatedly been called a master of light and shadow. His photo-essays on the light and atmosphere of different places have been published in general magazines as well as photography magazines. They have been exhibited in numerous exhibitions including one where a curator wrote of David’s work saying “Wells uses light like a surgeon.” His approach to light has been profiled on the web and in magazines such as Camera and Darkroom, Photographers International, Communication Arts Photography Annual, Photo Magazine and Phototechniques. Wells likes to call himself a connoisseur of light (meaning a person who is an expert at something or has informed and discriminating taste.) Working in places like Israel, Guatemala, Bangladesh, India, Italy, etc., has given Wells the opportunity to critically analyze found light around the globe and to become a connoisseur of that light.

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David H. Wells is a free-lance photographer based in Providence, R.I. and affiliated with Aurora Photos. He is a specialist in intercultural communication and visual narratives that excel in their creative mastery of light, shadow and sound, stills and video. Wells’ photo essays have been published in Life Magazine, National Geographic, the New York Times Magazine and the Philadelphia Inquirer Magazine where his essay on the pesticide poisoning of farmworkers in California was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. He is also a photo educator, with previous workshops at such institutions as the International Center for Photography in NYC and the Maine Media Workshop. David teaches