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8th Annual Tri-club Competition

See last years results and our entries here.

Critical Dates


Due Date

Final Day to upload TriClub images
Online Voting
Board Picks 25
TriClub Finalists Announced
TriClub Prints due at CCAA
TriClub Competition

Once again we will be competing in the Tri-club competition with the Upper Cape Camera Club and the Carver Camera Club. There are 25 categories, each club enters one image per category and the competition judge scores the three images in each category 1, 2 or 3. At the end of the competition, the scores are added up and the lowest scoring club wins. There are a couple of key rules. For our club we cannot enter more than one image per maker, there must be 25 different photographers in our final selections. The other rule is that the images must be taken between September 1, 2015 and the cutoff for entry. If by chance you are a member of more than one of the three clubs, enter only in the smallest club.

We will have a critique night to give feedback and determine where we need more images. For this preview you can bring unmatted prints. The larger the better for viewing, at least 8 x 10. For the critique you can bring more than one print per category and as many categories as you want.

For final submission to the club for consideration, you can submit one image per category, for a max of 25.  This will be done online this year, and members will also vote online to select the winners in each category.

After the voting is done, only one of your images can be selected as a finalist. The board will meet to resolve any ties and to meet the one image per maker requirement.  If one of your images is selected, you will need to mat it in a mat that is 16 X 20 inches outside dimensions and be on a foam backer board, to be provided, they must not be framed.  You may use a plastic bag for transport, but they will be removed for judging. 

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2016 Tri Club Categories



1 Repetition

Two or more of something, repeated, reflected or not. Patterns and
Repetition often go hand-in-hand

2 Towering

Lofty or sky-high, or tall in relation to the surroundings

3 Shore

The interface between a body of water and the land: seashore, lakeshore
and the surroundings. “Shore” should be the main element in the image, but need
not be the only element

4 Rustic

A scene or a thing or even a person, city or country but reeking of the
simple life. Something rustic can be old, or not so old, but down to the bare element
of the subject

5 Steeples

Steeples are almost always found on religious buildings, or former
religious structures now used for different purposes

6 Smoke

Not always from chimneys or smokestacks, and sometimes not even
smoke, but a smoke-lookalike: steam for example. Realistic or abstract.

7 A Street View

Not Google Street View, but a view along an Avenue or Street,
whether the Street or Avenue is seen or implied

8 Texture

The representation of the structure of a surface distinct from color or form
— distinctive or identifying character

9 Looking Out

You the photographer are inside looking out, or your image is of
something or someone looking outward

10 Trail(s)

A path, a footpath, city or country, field, forest or urban, or something left
behind indicating someone or something had passed through

11 Seasonal Attire

Depict clothing appropriate for a particular season (depicted or
implied), or perhaps attire that is a seasonally anachronistic

12 Burst of Color

Manipulated or straight, a splash of color in an otherwise drab
photo might be just the right thing

13 Fantasy

Is it real, or is it imagined?

14 Torn

Ripped, shredded, worn out, but not cut, as with scissors

15 Parallel

A photograph never lies, except when recording things parallel. No

16 Something Yellow

Yellow; something that evokes that color

17 Looking In

You are photographing something inside from the outside, or your
image is of someone or something outside looking in

18 On the Door

The door can be a door of any kind

19 My Town

Depict your town, or your favorite town in a way that it can be

20 Animal

Any animal at all, natural surroundings or not, but not people (Homo

21 Close Up

Zoom right in on your subject; Close Up but not necessarily Macro.

22 Tasty

Find something flavorful, and/or attractive and appealing

23 Candle Light(s)

An image, a scene, lighted mostly by one or more candles, or the
lighted candles themselves

24 Night Landscapes

After sunset, natural lighting with or without light-painting. A
Night Landscape can be an ‘Urbanscape’ or a ‘Ruralscape.’

25 A Different Perspective

Bring your own unique perspective to your subject