May 16
How to Photograph the Figawi and Other Sailing Events
w/ Peter Barrows & Nancy Bloom


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How to Photograph the Figawi & other Sailing Events
Instructor(s): Peter Barrows & Nancy Bloom
Day: Tuesday, May 16
Time: 6:00-8:30pm

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Peter Barrows and Nancy Bloom will show you how to take great photographs of the upcoming Figawi or any other sailing/boating events. In this two hour workshop they will show you several of their images, explain the do’s and don’ts of photographing boats, recommend equipment, lenses, and what camera settings to use.

You will also be inspired by viewing sailing photographs from the Classical Yachting Master Photographers of the early 1900’s to today’s Professional High Tech Yachting Photographers. You will have gotten a much greater appreciation of some of the fabulous yachting photos being taken today and how to get them yourself.

Just in time for the Figawi, you will gain a better understanding of your camera settings and composition to take a great boating photograph. Although this is a classroom workshop, Peter and Nancy will try to give you the feeling of the wind and water.

Bring a notebook and pen or laptop to take notes. Bring your camera if you have questions.


Instructor Bio-

Peter Barrows has won numerous awards for his photographs. His passion is Cape Cod landscapes, sailing/boating, and pet photography. One of the original founding members of the Cape Cod Art Association Camera Club, he had been their Competition Director for many years. He has exhibited in galleries around the Cape including a recent exhibit of “Rails and Sails” with Doug Scott. Peter is also a Juried Artist Member of the Cape Cod Art Association.

Nancy Bloom has also won numerous photography awards both on the local and international level. She is a Professional Nautical Photographer and her photos have been published in many sailing/boating magazines.  Her passion is sailing photography and she can often be seen in the photographer’s boat during a large yachting event from Newport, CA to Provincetown. A former business education/technology teacher, she is a Juried Member of the Cape Cod Art Association. Nancy is an Editor at Large for Yachting Times Magazine (International) and a photographer for Gate House Media. Her work has been included in several Cape Cod exhibits as well as in ads featured in many of the local magazines.

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