Shipboard Photography/Whaling Adventure
w/ Tom Bollinger


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Shipboard Photography/Whaling Adventure Workshop

Instructor: Tom Bollinger

A ONE day workshop (please pick from the following dates)


  • June 28– 9:00-11:00am (Studio), 12:00-4:00pm (Sail)
  • July 19– 10:00-12:30am (Studio), 1:00-5:00pm (Sail)
  • August 2– 10:00-12:00Noon (Studio), 2:30-5:30pm (Sail)
  • August 16– 10:00-12:00Noon (Studio), 1:30-4:30pm (Sail)
  • September 6– 8:00-10:00am (Studio), 11:00-3:00pm (Sail)
  • September 13– 10:00-12:00Noon (Studio), 1:00-5:00pm (Sail)


Price: Members $175/Non-Members $195

**Price includes the whale watch and a two hour pre-shoot prep & review.  (8 Hours)**


Limited to six attendees per whale workshop and adventure.

Being on-board a boat and experiencing close-up encounters of whales is very special. These majestic mammals often venture quite close to the boat. It can, however, be quite difficult to capture behaviors with your camera. This exciting new workshop is designed so that you will acquire all the skills necessary to capture great shots of whales. Tom will not only present some group sessions, he will also help each participant individually as needed, to make sure their cameras are set up correctly and that they are ‘up-to-speed’ with their photographic techniques. Once everyone is set up, Tom will walk around the boat coaching the participants, to make sure they are ready for when the whales start to appear and getting well composed images with proper exposure and focus using techniques keyed upon in the morning workshop.

The workshop starts at the  Photography Center of Cape Cod and then will continue onboard the Hyannis Whale Watcher which will  transport you to Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary for an unforgettable encounter with the whales. Any whale sightings in the vicinity are closely monitored and the Captain will get as close as is legally allowed to the whales. Often, the whales will swim right up to, and under, the vessel itself. Photographic workshop is geared towards various skill levels and Tom is very patient with participants. Questions are very welcome!

The morning pre-shoot seminar introducing photographic techniques and tips for successful shipboard photography in diverse maritime conditions such as shooting while in motion, low and bright light, back-lighting, understanding how to overcome diverse weather conditions and turn it into an advantage. Tom will also take the time to help make sure all your settings are adjusted correctly for the afternoon shoot.


Topics Covered Include:

  • -Composition Recommended Aperture
  • -Recommended Shutter Speeds and ISO
  • -Focal Points and Focus Styles
  • -Metering
  • -Exposure Compensation (for Aperture Priority)
  • -Lighting
  • -Continuous Shooting
  • -Whale Behavior
  • -And Much More…



Equipment and supplies:

-A 35mm camera or a compact  digital camera with range of focal lengths ranging from medium wide to telephoto are recommended

-Optional accessories and info dependent upon weather will be provided upon reserving space

-A  hat, sunscreen and a favorite beverage and snack recommended

-Please bring along your camera manual to help facilitate the learning process



Instructor Bio-

Thomas Bollinger has spent most of his adult life documenting sea life in one form or another. Working on platforms of all shapes and sizes including Research Vessels, Steamships, America’s Cup Racers, Dugout Canoes, Schooners, Transparent Kayaks, Jet Boats , Fishing Vessels, Military Craft and Submersibles. Tom has spent well over a thousand days at sea as a professional photographer on projects ranging from wildlife documentaries, to scientific research platforms, advertising assignments, environmental projects, privately funded adventures, travel & tourism, and wildlife outreach & encounters.

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August 2, August 16, September 6, September 13