Atumn Leaves in Water
Atumn Leaves in Water

March 4
Lightroom: A Crash Course
w/ John Tunney


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Lightroom: A Crash Course

Instructor: John Tunney

Day: Saturday, March 4

Time: 9:00-12:30pm

Price: Members $70/Non-Members $90


Learn the essential tools and techniques to make your photos look their best using Adobe Lightroom. This hands-on workshop is based on a simple workflow that will let you quickly and easily organize, edit and output your images. First, we’ll cover how to import, rate and sort your pictures. Then, working with sample images, you’ll learn how to adjust colors, fine-tune your exposure and recover blocked shadows and blown highlights. You’ll learn re-touching techniques to remove everything from dust spots to telephone lines and other unsightly distractions. In addition, we’ll cover noise reduction, sharpening and more, including key editing tips and tricks used by professional photographers to give their pictures extra pop and finish. You’ll also learn how to export your photos for email and the web.


What to bring-

A laptop already loaded with a recent version of Lightroom, 2-3 unedited pictures and a flash drive.

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