September 9
Art Excursion to Cuttyhunk Island



Day Excursion to Cuttyhunk Island

Day: Saturday, September 9th (rain date Sept. 23)

Time: 7:30am-4:00pm

((Boat leaves from Falmouth at 8:00am sharp, and departs Cuttyhunk at 3:00pm))

Price: $45


Venture out to the remote Cuttyhunk Island for a unique day excursion to take inspirational photographs or paint directly from nature. Cuttyhunk Island is located off  the coast of Falmouth, MA. It was once host to a military observation point during World War II. The island is full of natural inspiration including a pristine nature preserve and scenic cliff walk, quaint houses and spectacular views of the water. Cuttyhunk is the last island on the chain of the Elizabeth Islands.


More info about the trip-

The Boats leaves from Falmouth harbor. Artist will drive down Scranton ave and turn into the parking lot on the left to the harbor. The falmouth  Band shell is there so you will know when to turn. If you go past the “Flying Bridge restaurant” you have gone too far. I will be in the parking lot directing people. Parking is free.

  • >Every one should be at the boat by 7:30.  The boat will leave at 8 promptly. The boat holds 49 passengers.
  • >There is a bathroom on board and one at the dock on Cutty Hunk.
  • >The trip takes about an hour. On the way we will go into Tarpaulin cove. Great place for photographers to take a snap or two.
  • >The boat will cut through quicks hole and will be in Buzzards bay. Here the boat will get close to Pekinese Island where there are lots of seals. You may also be able to see cows on the Island of Nashawena. They love the ocean and sometimes you can see them taking a dip.
  • >Once we are on the Island the boat will pull up to the dock. You can leave some of your belongings on the boat. The boat remains on the Island. The Island is quite hilly in terrain. You must be able to carry your things. There is no transportation! Just your feet.
  • >There are a few cafe’s on the Island and two small shops that may or may not be open. There is also a hot dog cart. Most people bring a lunch because the food can be pricey. There is a cafe to get coffee, pastries or a quahog.
  • >The island does have deer ticks so please bring bug repellant and check your self if you go off the roads. Sunscreen, a hat, and water are a must. Also bring a beach towel and swim suit…there is great swimming there!
  • >A map will be provided
  • >In the morning some pastries and juice will greet the passengers and on the way Home there will be wine, cheese and a few snacks.
  • >Even if it is cloudy or foggy we will travel over. the weather changes on the island very fast.
  • >The boat leaves the Island At 3:00 sharp. We will travel back through buzzards bay and through Woods hole. The boat arrives in Falmouth at 4pm


Please note that the trip only includes transportation by boat to the island. Artists must be prepared and able to walk on the island.  Along with your art supplies, bring a bag lunch, snacks, water, hat & sunglasses, sunscreen, bugspray, bathing suit and jacket.

The trip is weather dependent. If the captain chooses not to run the boat, the trip will have to be rescheduled.