Drawing and Painting Flowers
w/ Susan Stranz


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Drawing and Painting Flowers

Location: Held off-site at the Yarmouthport Firehouse. 340 Main Street
Instructor: Susan Stranz
Day: Thursdays (five classes) Beginning June 29 (No Class July 20)
Time: 9:00-11:30am
Price: Members $120/Non-Members $140


This class will focus on the fundamentals of drawing and painting flowers in watercolor. Drawings will be done in graphite and then translated into watercolor. Students will learn how to make a subject look three- dimensional by using form, line and value. Color mixing to depict shadows and delicate flower petals, a full variety of greens, and more will be explored. Techniques for creating a variety of textures will be shown. Subjects will be both from life and photo.

For those with a looser painting style, having a solid understanding of the subject will allow you to depict it with fewer strokes, but show accurate form. For those who are looking for realism, this will show you how to accomplish that as well.

This class is suitable for all levels. Some drawing experience helpful.


• Canson Classic Cream Drawing Pad 9×12
• Graphite pencils HB, 3B, 6B (artists quality, Staedler, Tombow, Faber Castel)
• 2 Erasers: Kneaded and Staedler Mars Plastic
• Tracing paper 9×12
• Watercolor paper: Arches 140# and or 300# cold pressed
• Brushes: #6 round, #12 round or similar/ soft with good point, and any other watercolor brushes you normally paint with
• Paint: Artists grade watercolor paint such as Winsor Newton Professional watercolors. You will need a warm and cool yellow, a warm and cool red, and a warm and cool blue. Some suggested colors: Aureolin or Lemon Yellow, Permanent Alizarin Crimson, French Ultramarine Blue, Winsor Yellow or New Gamboge, Cadmium Red Deep, Winsor Blue(red shade), Permanent Rose. Bring any other colors you enjoy using.
• Palette: suggested Pike palette or similar
• 2 boards: I use foam core that is covered with either clear packing tape or clear contact paper. I cut them to accommodate quarter sheets of watercolor paper. If using watercolor blocks, you will need two.
• 1” Masking tape (to secure paper to board)
• Miscellaneous supplies: white paper towels and tissues, 2 water containers
• Floral frog (available at most craft or floral stores…a small metal pronged holder for securely holding a flower stem)
• Small gooseneck lamp (available at Staples for about $10)
• Extension cord

**The instructor is extremely allergic to fragrance. Please do not wear fragrance to class.**


Instructor Bio-

Susan holds an M.S. in Education and is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. She is also a Copley Artist Member as well as a CCAA Master Artist Member. She currently teaches Watercolor Painting and Drawing at local colleges and art centers. Susan is a member  of the National Watercolor Society, the Cape Cod Art Association, Cape Cod Waterworks, the Cultural Center of Cape Cod, National Society of Botanical Artists, and Signature Member of Rhode Island Watercolor Society.

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