Color Exploration for Watercolorists
w/ Susan Stranz


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Color Exploration for Watercolorists

Location: Held off-site at the Yarmouthport Firehouse. 340 Main Street
Instructor: Susan Stranz
Day: Tuesdays (6 classes) Beginning August 8
Time: 12:30-3:00pm
Price: Members $144/Non-Members $168


Learn all the basics of color theory and see how much your artwork will improve! You will have a deeper understanding of the color wheel and the relationships colors have. A series of color studies and exercises as well as some paintings will be done both in class and as homework. Topics will include complementary colors, split-complementary colors, analogous, triads, neutrals, and semi-neutrals. Color mixing will be explored for all those plus a special focus on mixing lively grays, browns and realistic greens. Learn how to paint with a limited palette yet create a wide variety of cohesive and beautiful color mixes. This class is suitable for all levels.  For those who have taken my prior color theory class, a more complex series of exercises will be given. Individual paintings will be done at each individual’s level of ability. **The instructor is extremely allergic to fragrance. Please do not wear fragrance to class.**



  • Winsor Newton Professional watercolors, or Daniel Smith Artist watercolors(DS). NO EXCEPTIONS/A WARM and COOL of each primary color.  You only need a total of six Below are some acceptable options.
  •  Cool Yellow/ Aureolin , Lemon Yellow, or, Hansa Yellow(DS), Warm Yellow Winsor Yellow or Cadmium Yellow, Cool Red/ Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Warm Red/  Pyrol Scarlet(DS), or Cadmium Scarlet, Cool Blue/ French Ultramarine Blue, Warm Blue/ Winsor Blue (red shade)
  • Brushes: ½ inch flat, small and large rounds (#6 and #12 or similar) Any other watercolor brushes you have and enjoy painting with…
  •  Palette: suggested Pike palette or similar
  • Arches 140# and or 300# watercolor paper
  • 2 Boards: I use foam core that is covered with either clear packing tape or clear contact paper. I cut them to accommodate quarter sheets of watercolor paper. You will need two or more.
  • Masking tape (to secure paper to board)
  • Miscellaneous supplies: HB pencil, eraser, clear plastic 12” T-square, paper towels, water containers, sketch book

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