September 7
Advanced Snapseed: for Photography and Digital Art
w/ Barbara Braman


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Advanced Snapseed: for Photography and Digital Art

Instructor: Barbara Braman

Day: Thursday, September 7th

Time: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Price: Members $70/Non-Members $90


Wondering how you can edit your photos to look more professional?  Or maybe you want to know how to get started making digital art?  Snapseed is the app for you.  It is super easy to get started with, but you can use it to create complex creative images.  It is the “little black dress” of apps.  Whether you just want to adjust the color or exposure on a landscape photo, tweak the colors on a multi-layered digital collage or drawing or use it to create a fantastical digital collage, Snapseed has the tools to help you do it all.


What I like best about Snapseed is it’s versatility.  There are versions for Apple iOS and Android.  The interface is intuitive.  All editing is non-destructive, meaning you can go back anytime and adjust your edit or return the image to its original form.    You can do it anywhere, it is even easy to use on the small screen of a smartphone.  


This workshop goes well beyond basic editing.  We will start simply and then explore how to use the more advanced features, as well as how to use the app in creative ways.  For photographers with smartphones capable of taking RAW images, we will discuss how to get the most out of Snapseed’s RAW editing function. 


All that you need for this class is a smartphone, the app Snapseed, and a sense of adventure!


Instructor Bio

I have been working with digital images for the last 13 years. This has intensified in the last fiver or so years with the exciting addition of iPad and iPhone art. My iPad art has been spotlighted by Adobe Systems. You can see this spotlight at I was on the initial testing team for the iPhone version of the PS Touch app.

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