Artist’s Vision- Current Exhibit

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Artist’s Vision- Current Exhibit


February 16-March 12, 2017

(current exhibition)


The Artist’s Vision exhibit is located in our galleries at Cape Cod Art Association. Running from February 16 – March 12, 2017,  stop by and check it out if you have not already. The exhibit features an array of paintings and sculptures from artists all over the US. All pieces in the show are for sale. We thank everyone for their submissions and congratulate all who received a ribbon!


ARTIST’S VISION Award Winners-


Melanie Zibit, “Cuore” (featured below)








Best of Oil/Acrylic-

1st Place- “Nature Morte” by Wilson Hunt

2nd Place- “Calling Home” by Anne Techerepnin

Honorable Mention- “Primary Portrait” by Val Roy Gerischer

Honorable Mention- “53 Trinity Circle” by Joan Flahive

Honorable Mention- ” Big Yellow Truck” by Lori Mehta


Best of Mixed Media-

1st Place- “Deep Forest” by Joan Appel

2nd Place- “On the Rise” by James C. Varnum

Honorable Mention- “Falling Snow #43” by Carl Richards


Best of Sculpture-

1st Place- “King Neptune and Salacia” by Keith Plummer

2nd Place- “Snow Maiden” by Neil Grant


Best of Pastel-

1st Place- “Moody Blues” by Donna Rossetti-Bailey

2nd Place- “Saltines with Littlenecks” by Rosalie Nadeau

Honorable Mention- “Morning” by Susan Kerrigan

Honorable Mention- “May I Have A Treat?” by Annette MacAdams


Best of Watermedia-

1st Place- “Clam Digger” by Linda Emerson

2nd Place- “Sisters” by Alison Davidson

Honorable Mention- “(Who) Art in Heaven” by Anne Hart

Honorable Mention- “Eggs Anyone?” by Kathy Timmins